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Black or White?

Rhythm Man

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I played a white LP Studio for 13yrs. Loved it. Aged beautifully. I passed it on in the end, thru the fear of standing out too much, y'know, looking a little too flashy. That's the reserved Britishness in me though


I think the black looks smaller (hey - it's a "slimming" colour, ask any chick), but is more discrete and will hide dings and battle-scars better.


I'm a burst-nerd now though. WITH the scratch-plate I might add!

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Black if it's a first!


Wow I'm surprised at all the white Guitar lovers so far they are a great looking guitar no denying that it's just a black Les paul is kinda traditional or even iconic for Rock and Roll, they do show scratches but so does my black truck and my black harley but hell that's just life. I always remember as a kid going into the music store all I wanted back than was a Black LP and a faded yellowed white anniversary Strat (that was when these guitars were celebrating a twentieth anniversary edition) . that said I can't see you going wrong with either of those beauties.


Good Luck

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which guitar is newer?


plays better?



i prefer white' date=' but i would by the black one

(because i already have a white guitar)



cherryburst though

i could by them all day[/quote']


The White is newer and plays beautifully but it is about £200($400) more. The black has a lovely tone and is set up more to my liking. I'm not to worried about that, I have a good man that not only sets my stuff up but explains to me what he is doing when he does it. I am his Anakin.


"Obi Wan has taught you well".


I also have a black 08 American Standard Telecaster which was only recently purchased, so the white one is looking like the better option. At least from a balance point of view. A Black Tele on one side of my 1975 Marshall JMP Head and Cab with green cloth front, and a White Lester Custom on the other. I can see it now. Mmmmmmmmmmm, tasty.

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I feel for you bro!

I had the same problem before I bought mine.

To me, the black looks mysterious...dangerous, kind of a nasty evil.....or classy, black tie affair.

In fact, thats one reason they originally came in black. So they would look good next to a tuxedo.

Its true.


The white was sweet to me as well. Very Randy Rhoads, very pure looking. In the end I opted for black, and

Beyonce and I have been happy ever since.

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I'm loving those inlays. What pups are they? I really like the uncovered look.


Those are the stock 490R/498T pups that came with it. Originally, there were covers on them but I removed them years ago because they were causing microphonic gain when doing the high gain metal thang.

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I like black guitars in theory' date=' but Neo is right: they show every damn scratch, smudge, and fingerprint. Unless you want that kind of maintenance it's not worth it.[/quote']


I like to think that my black LP looks relic'd or vintage. People pay extra for that, ya know!

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