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Grover tuners on an IBJL Natural Casino?


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I am talking to a guy about a IBJL casino and he sent me pics.


I noticed that the tuners were gold grover instead of the chromish ones that have the "E" on them.


Is this correct for the IBJL model?


Is there anything else that you guys can tell me to watch out for with this model?




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Yes those are correct, here is the story:


In the spring or summer of '68 Lennon had his Casino professionally sanded to a natural finish, as did Harrison, the better to improve the tone. After that it appeared on the "Revolution" video, at the Apple rooftop performance (left), the Live Peace in Toronto concert, and the Rock 'n' Roll Circus show, the only further change being the replacement of the stock Kluson tuning pegs with gold Grover tuners. This guitar is owned by the Lennon Estate and has been displayed at the Lennon Museum in Japan.



Info is from the Fabguitars site.


It comes with the pickguard and hardware, in the case, not installed.

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that is great news....


gold grovers are nice.


THat guitar will be mine' date=' oh yes... it will be mine!





What the guys said here. The only difference is the IBJL Natural does not have the extra screw holes or indents. If Iwas buying one that is a plus in my book.


On the Epiphone Lennon Natural they install the Klusons first so the indents show up on the back of the headstock and the extra screw holes. On the IBJL they just put the Grovers on.


I don't need a guitar just like Lennon's. If would rather put my own changes or marks on it.



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