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Neck and intonation adjeustment


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Hi guys!


Im looking forward to do some adjustment on Gibbie SG as i found that lots of gigging + beers and wines on it have done some damage and now if i dont wanna fret buzz i need to lift bridge very high so action gets terrible! Looking from body towards tuners i see some curve on the neck line - its obvious i need to adjust the neck.

So. Ineed your help guys as i dont wanna to do any bollocks with that!

Whts the sequence between bridge height adjustment and truss rod adjustment? What sized key i need for trus rod?

Which way i need to rotate that bolt?

Help me guys. On the internet is plenty of tips but ive never find one from beginning till the end of job. If you have some tips to me please share , as this information may be helpfull for other newbies as well!

Thank you !!!!!!!!!!

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