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Do I need a humidifier?

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I've just moved back to the Houston area and the guitars I now have are -


Epi PR-150 1999

Epi Hummingbird 1994

Epi Masterbilt AJ-500M 2009


I'd really like to take the best care of them that I can, so I'm wondering if I need a humidifier or not. Today I ordered a masterbilt case with the built-in hygrometer, so I guess I will be able to give you guys more info on the humidity level in my house when it arrives. Whatever the number is, is it a general rule that yes you need one for a solid top or all-solid guitar?

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Well, here's how I'll put it.


For proper guitar health, you need to maintain between 45%- 50% humidity, and a steady temp. Anything above freezing and below 85 F is safe. At about 90 F glue joints start softening. More important regarding temp is you don't want it drasticly changing throughout the day. Don't store them along exterior walls, or in direct sunlight, etc.


As far as needing a humidifier, do whatever it takes to stay in those specs.

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