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Slash goldtop, real or fake


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Im concidering this guitar' date=' have some pointers that its a fake. Want more oppinions.

Please ignore the case in the background, that is from the first epi slash signature.














1) You're in Norway, that guitar would be inspected by Gibson Europe in the Netherlands, not the USA.


2) The EE in the serial number is too big


3) The Epiphone logo on the headstock is angled too much


4) The Custom Shop lettering is too thick


5) There's washers under the tuning peg grommets


6) There's no pickguard, or even a hole where one would be


7) The tops of the tailpiece studs are rounded, they should be flat


8) The bridge is wrong


And the most important give away...


9) Those are not Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro II pickups. These pickups have slugs on both coils, the Duncans have your standard one coil with screws one with slugs configuration.


Check out Slash Details. If you click on the red and gold circles, you'll get good quality closeups to compare with your photos.

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No "e" on the tuners, Epiphone plastic on the pickups, huge washer on the front of the tuners.

Font problems on the serial number.


Im in norway but that guitar was form ebay. Those guitars where never avalable here. Anyway have told the seller no deal.

Crappy fake like all the 3-4 others i have been in contact with.


Thanks guys.

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The moral of the story as others have said time and time again DON'T BUY FROM EBAY!!!


The Slash had a limited run and were snapped up like hotcakes, so if you see one on the bay as others have said, if its going cheap then it ain't real!!

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