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Why cant I plug in my ultra ?


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I've just took delivery of an: epiphone les paul ultra 2, electric guitar faded cherry sunburst


This is my first Epiphone, and so far I'm not impressed !


It didn't come with an owners manual or cable...

So I'm not sure how to use the controls or the 2 sockets ?


I've tried to insert my normal lead

(ie: which has a standard mono 1/4" jack plug that fits my fender)

into these 2 sockets, however...


It won't go into the [Mono-Socket] more than half way, (ie it won't latch).


It will go into the [stereo-Socket] but it's very tight, and only one control seems to do anything.


So I would appreciate some guidance please.



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First, congratulations on the Ultra II! It's one I want very much! Second, Welcome to the forum!


You say it didn't come with a manual, so I have to ask: Did you buy it new from an authorized dealer or did you get it on ebay (or other such site?) If you bought this new, an Owner's Manual would have come with it. And a warranty card.


If it's new, take it back to where you got it and let them figure it out. If mail order, call them and let them know.



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Hi Sheila

Many thanks for your reply and welcome.


I bought and collected it new, from a genuine Gibson/Epi dealer.


Thanks, but I'd rather not have to trek 30 mile back to the dealer,

if this is something simple that I can easily fix.



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Then call them. If you bought this new, and didn't get the manual (and I believe there is a cord that comes with the Ultra II) then they are responsible. What about the warranty card? Did you get that?


Only 30 miles? Lucky you!


Do you know how to remove the jack? Are you comfortable doing that? Pull it out and spread the input slightly to open it up enough to get the cord plugged into it. While there, check the solders for the connections. While the jack is out, test the guitar through the amp. Put the jack back into the body and before screwing back down, check again. If all is well, complete the install and check yet again!


If you still cannot get it to work, you may have to trek over to the store. The Ultra II's have a reputation as having manufacturing issues, but once it's up an running it's reportedly a dream.


I don't have an issue taking it apart, but if I spent $800 for this (and I really want one!) I would take it back to the store.


Good luck!


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Now the bridge pick-up is very' date=' very distorted...


any ideas anyone ?





Gotta call in Musikron for this one.......




BTW.....my 2cents worth, stop playing with it, take it back, even 30 miles (BFD), that's your hard earned

dinero, get satifaction...

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I also have an Ultra 2, as seen in my avatar.


The controls are:

Closest to Bridge at rear: Master Tone

Farthest from Bridge at rear: Nanomag Volume

The forward controls: upper = Neck volume

lower = Bridge volume


When I got mine the output jacks were very stiff. After using it for a while they get a bit looser,

and easy to use.

As to why your bridge pickup is distorted, I wouldn't know.

How are you connected?

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My Ultra two also had tight output jacks fresh out of the box, they are

still a bit tight. Never had a connection issue thou. The concern with

pickup sound may a pickup height issue. I am very happy with mine.

It did require a complete proper setup to dial it in.

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