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Which Gator Case for AJ-500?


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I just received a AJ-500R and a Gator GPE-DREAD case from a large online store.

The case doesn't fit! Neither does it fit my Epi Dove. But the store allowed me to buy it without question. Oh, well...


I like the Epi Masterbilt hard gigbag, but I want to have something that can survive a trip on hand, too.


I must say that I love the Epi's, but I am more inclined to look at guitars that come with cases in the future.


So, which hard cases fit the Epi Dreads and AJ's?

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Well, after fooling around with cases and guitars for a while, I have determined that the Gator GPE DREAD is an inch or so too short for the Epi Dove. However, when I looked real close, it fits the AJ-500 exactly. All I needed to do was push the headstock a bit more firmly. End of problem...

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