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Please help this les paul noob find out if his baby is in need of some medical care!

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*Note i accidentally posted this on the gibson forums and was quickly told that i should've just bought a low end gibson and then i got told off. Hopefully you guys are more understanding and realize that not only are they 2 times as expensive, but Gibson's quiality control for the most part has been horrible and a high end epiphone is usually just as good if not better, especially playability wise compared to a low end gibson ie. sudio. Now if anyone could please help it would be greatly appriciated!!


Hello all and please forgive me if this has been asked already im new here. And new to the world of the gibson family.


I recently got an epiphone les paul standard and although its no gibby custom, im still EXTREMELY pleased. However all of a sudden, the rhythym pickup began sounding very dull and quiet especially compared to the treble. Also when both are selected it is all trebel and if i roll off the volume of the rhythm it does nothing and it still basically sounds like im playing on the treble. It basically appears to have cut out and the volume doesn't even completely turn it off no matter how quiet it now is. Also the tone appears useless although it may just be hard to tell with the volume. Ive now also noticed that the rhythym pickup itself seems to have sunken completely into the hole?


Whats going on? I've had simiar problems on my old fender which i just needed to solder a few wires however im not quiet comfortable doing this on my fairly expensive baby. Im willing to take it to a shop to get this fixed and hopefully its just minor, i am however disapointed that this occured after only a few days, and i am VERY careful withmy guitars. I will be reluctant to pay for such an unnecasarily soon repair however if it is not covered under any warranty since ive had it for about a week or two i will pay. Thanks for any help guys!

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The pickup selector switch may be the problem, I've had to replace many of them on my Les Pauls over the years for similar problems. They're prone to premature failure but fortunately are quite cheap to replace. Infact most forum memebers will tell you to upgrade the electronics on your guitar as standard practice.


If you bought it new from an authorized Epiphone distributor, take it back to them and they'll fix it FOC.

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We are fanatical about our Epi's!!


If the pickup appears to have sunk into the rout, it probably has been adjusted too far

and has come off the adjustment screws. This would make it very quiet as it is now

too far from the strings to pick up the sound. (think of a mic too far from a singers mouth)

You would have to take the strings off, or loosen them way off, and remove

the pickup mounting ring. Use the 4 outside corner screws. (see Pic)

At that point you would see how the pickup is mounted on the adjustment screw. (center screw)

You will see if it has come off the end of the screw, or is adjusted way too low.

If it has come apart, put it back together, making sure to put the spring in. Re-attach the mounting ring

to the body, string up, and adjust the pickup height to about 1/16 - 1/8 of an inch from the bottom of the string

when fretted at the highest fret.



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If you bought it new from an authorized Epiphone distributor' date=' take it back to them and they'll fix it FOC.




Welcome to the forum, and congrats on your new L.P.

As Fantana said, if you got it from a dealer, take it back & they should fix it free........also, ask for a "setup"(should also be free or dirt cheap) so you start out with a good playable guitar.

If you got it online/pawnshop/etc. just remove the strings, take out the 4 screws holding the p'up "ring" in place, and that should reveal the problem.........just don't overtighten the ring when re-assembling it, they crack fairly easily.


P.S. don't worry about the people @ the other forum, they're just jealous that we mostly "get along" on "this side of the tracks".

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FYI most on the Gibby forum are ******bags.

I'm glad you said MOST[biggrin] Epi's kick *** BTW, I own one. I catch hell over there sometimes because my Special faded didn't cost as much as their Standards, somehow it makes it less Gibsoney, go figure. P.S. Welcome

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Welcome and as Peter would say: "If there are no pics then it didn't happen" [cool]

By the way, Epis are great and no, they are not inferior to Gibsons in any way.

I just recently fell in love with an Epiphone Les Paul Goldtop Classic that a friend bought from here: Musicstore.

It feelt so good that I compared it with my Gibson Les Paul Standard and I prefered it largely... I need one now, though!

Aaaahhhh, GAS...

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You can check the toggle switch and pots inside the cavities, make sure thet the live wires are not touching the inside cavity in any way, the inside may have been painted with a shielding type paint, this paint is a conductiong paint and will short out anything that touchs it to the grounded pots/switchs.

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