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Switch, pots, and caps upgrade...


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I believe you'll need the sort toggle Gibson/Switchcraft selector switch.


Switchcraft Short



Or I think you can use a right angled one and there should be plenty of space for it to fit. You may need to enlarge the hole sightly if it's the kind that comes with the press in/deep bushing/nut.


Right Angle



As for pots, CTS ones are quite nice, and you can order them in 'matched sets' that are very close in tolerance. They do, however, have a different spline from the stock ones, so you'll need new control knobs.





Alpha ones are fine too and will save you having to change control knobs, but since Alphas are what it should have as standard, replacing them with the same thing isn't really an upgrade.





You can get Gibson branded ones too but it'll be the same story with the CTS ones, and you'll need new control knobs. The CTS brass shaft ones are beautiful. I have these in my Deluxe Strat, they're fitted as stock, and are super smooth.


CTS Brass Shaft


A bit pricier, but well worth it I think


Orange Drop caps are a popular and affordable choice, but there are a lot of other ones too, including more 'vintage correct' ones. Quite pricey for something that you may or may not notice making a difference though.


Orange Drops, cheap and good. .022s are standard. You can use .047s if you wish, but it'll make it sound quite dark



Vitamin Q's, also popular, slightly more expensive



Vintagey/very pricey



Don't forget a Jack too if you haven't already. May as well do that too while you're there.



You might be able to find better prices on these parts at other retailers etc, I'm just giving you examples of what to get.

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^Interesting, I didn't know there were different kinds of Alpha pots. They still look like aluminium shafts to me though. I'm not talking about the threaded portion being brass, but the splined part itself. Really does make them very smooth.


Although, in saying that, it looks like the CTS pots have a brass shaft with an aluminium outer, whilse those Alpha ones have a brass outer with an aluminium shaft. Probably does much the same thing. I might give those StewMac Alphas a go sometime. I'd like to rewire my Les Paul sometime. Its not exactly tidy in there after the previous owner installed the Seymour Duncans. Thankfully it functions fine, and it's not something you can see.

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