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Know you doing this not first time.

Im looking to buy guitar and have few options. Pics 1-2 is 2003 epi goldtop , pics 3-5 is lespaul custom / SG ad pics 6-9 is LP custom. Now when i started look for the counterfeignity signs all of them looks fake for me!!![cool] HELP!!!!

Please take a look and say if ou spot some awkward details.

Know it happens very often with customs.

Thank you!!










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yep. that the way out if youre going to buy new guitar.

im looking for cheap - good enough comparing to the price second hand guitar to buy.

i see its a bit challenging but to be honest im really interested in that fake-real thing cuse think its worth to know!

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thanks ' date=' Peter!


do you think its the only one fake from guitars above?


how do you decide white is fake one?






I just did a compare with both my Authorized Dealer Epis -


Things that look correct on White Epi:

1. Upper rounded body should meet neck at 16th fret, White does.


2. Horn not "overly pointy", using a straight edge across fretboard over to

top of Horn, horn should rise as high as between 19th and 20th frets. This appears to.


3. Distance from edge of fretboard to center of horn should be approx 3 1/8". Can't tell on pic.


Things that need more research:

1. "EE" factory designation letters are slightly Larger than rest of Serial #. On both mine

the letters are same size as numbers, and from different factories.


2. Neck volume knob on White seems fairly EVEN with side of bridge. Both mine have

the Neck Volume BELOW the bridge a bit torwards the "bottom" of git. However, factory

standards/tolerances on knob placement may not be controlled as well from factory to factory.

AND NOW, after looking thru my MF catalogs, I see that even THEIR knob placement

"drifts" up and down, so that's useless.


At this point my only issue is with the Serial # as stated above. Not totally convinced

it's fake. WHAT'S THE ASKING PRICE????


On the GOLDTOP, the horn "seems" a bit pointy, but the pics aren't

as good. Same Question... PRICE?????

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i think there could be lots of reasons why someone is selling used guitar. Once i was sooooo need in money i sold marshall jcm 2000 head for 2x cheaper its worth. **** happens )

not all can afford possibility to collect guitars. and when you find something interesting you want to have you need to sell something you had before.

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by the way.

does anybody know how should look like and what has to be written on trus rod cover of Eppi LP GT 2003 ( thats what the serial number says)





The Gold Top looks like a Les Paul Classic' date=' if so it would say [i']Les Paul Classic[/i] on the TRC:




2003 is the right time frame for a Classic, the one I had was a 2004. Looks good if it's a Classic.


I would stay away from the white LP Custom, I've seen a few fakes where the EE was larger than the numbers.

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all three guits is less than 300 pounds. I dont think i could find any new for price like this!


Yes' date=' but then you have the worry about whether or not you are buying the real deal (as evidenced by this thread). And there are a lot of dodgy Epiphone sellers on the UK e-bay...


For €249 you could buy a brand new Epiphone G-400 from Thomann, and have no worries about its authenticity.






Thomann don't specifically mention shipping to Slovenia on their webpage, but perhaps if you ask them they will sort something out. They ship all over Europe.


The G-400s are great guitars (I have one). And you don't need that extra third pick-up on the Custom, anyway. It just gets in the way of your pick. [cool]

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yep' date=' but in same thomann, custom with gold hardware costs more than 500.[/quote']


OK - ask yourself why they're so much cheaper on some dodgy e-bay site probably written in Chinglish.


The hard reality is this - if you want the guitar but don't want to pay the price then you have two options: buy a cheaper guitar which will still be a genuine Epiphone and (hopefully) an excellent guitar...


...or take a gamble and buy the guitar of your dreams from an anonymous, unauthorized, unknown seller.


Just bear in mind that someone turns up at this forum pretty much every week with photos of a guitar bought from e-bay, which more often than not turns out to be a counterfeit.

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If this GT is real one so why not?? Where could i get GT now if i dont like slash ?? [cool])))

Its not only about these three guits. Theres a lot good quality second-hand stuff out there.

BY the way. Most of second hand , epiphone guitars 500+ , is going for about 300 european money. It makes a difference innit?

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Before buying a guitar im always going to play it. E bay s not for me.

Just wanna first find out if its real epiphone, after to play and see if its good for me! Theres no guarantee you will get good guitar buying it from authorized dealer online even if its 100 percent genuine whatever what

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