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NGD! Trans Black Epi Les Paul


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I've been wanting another Les Paul ever since I made the ill advised decision to sell my 1988 Gibson Les Paul Custom. The Guitar Gods smiled upon me when I saw a beautiful Epi Les Paul in Trans Black for $300 on Craigslist. I had to have it and before I could email the seller I saw the price went down to $200! Well, needless to say I picked it up thinking even if it was a lemon I'd be in the good.


But this bad boy is no lemon! It is the best Epi Les Paul I've ever played and I always try out a bunch everytime I go to a music store here in Vegas. Dude said he only played it a few times and it shows. So brand new it even had the plastic on the pickguard.


I've tried to get some info online but I don't know if it's a Classic or special edition. It has the Epi limited edition custom shop logo on the headstock rear, the serial is starts with EE0702... and is so light it makes me think it's chambered. The finish is just gorgeous; the black flame is superb as is the tone and playability. Any info on this particular version of the Epiphone Les Paul Standard?


Best $200 I've ever spent!




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