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Help On Les Paul Ultra II


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Hi guys I own a les paul ultra II and I wanted to know if you guys can help me about selector switches that works with it.


I'm planning on buying a selector switch but I found out that some don't work.


Please if you know any that work and are good priced please tell me.


Oh and also I can hear rattling sounds near the bridge of the guitar. Does any with a les paul ultra II have the same symptom??


Thanks for answers in advance

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I have an Ultra 2. Why do you want, or need to change the selector switch?

Has it malfunctioned? If so, a regular Les Paul switch should work.

You can purchase these almost anywhere. Your local guitar shop, or online.

People here speak highly of Switchcraft.

Is the rattle you hear inside the guitar, or somewhere near the bridge?

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No, not that selector switch which is on the guitar but an A/B selector switch that I can use for the stereo jack.


I found out that the artic A/B selector switch didn't work on the stereo setting so I was wanting to know which A/B selector switches work

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I've read your post again, and I'm wondering if you're talking about an

A - B or A+B foot switch?

I use a Morley. Here's a link to the one I use. You will have to copy and

paste it into your browser window.



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Your rattle might be a loose saddle on the bridge...what I do is to "kink" the retaining wire on the bridge with a screwdriver...I push down on the wire and make kinks in it along the length of the bridge, this seems to tighten things up a bit...or got to StewMac and get a bridge replacement...


I've had to do this on a number of ABR bridges...


Here's one with NO retaining wire that will fit...




Found Here

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