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I didn't look to see if I hadposted on this thread already but I'm sure the pics needed to be updated. But then again so do these. The Epi Valve Jr. is gone. Sold it to help pay for my Marshall Class 5.


Heres my LP's.


And this is the newest member.


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I've never got around to posting pics of my mildly modded 2004 Saein Sheraton. Here she is: Pickups are GFS Dream 90's, Grover 18:1 tuners not in the pic, wiring is CTS, Switchcraft, braided cable, pointers on the pots, and the knobs are Gibson Vintage Amber, darker than the Epi originals. Still to do- a bridge that doesn't rattle, and maybe some Bareknuckle Mississippi Queens if I ever have any money ever again.




Now what's the point in having Orange Drop capacitors and braided cable if you can't show them off [biggrin] ? I placed the cap there by accident when I first changed out the pickups, but liked it so I left it there when the Dream 90's went in. OK, call me shallow...



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Not sure I should post this guitar here because its not a Epi as we all know an Epi.


But I thought it might be fun to see the weird off the wall creations that have materialized over the years.


So here's a couple samples of the whatever you want to call them.


There might be a Epi part or two on them somewhere.





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that is the lp jr i modded to high heaven--names Wardog.


it has gfs loudmouths pups and a big mouth pup, tusq nut and a wrap around bridge with saddles from gfs. It was my first attempt at routing for pups and control cavities. I learned alot. I wired controls for 1 master tone and 3 volumes. each pup is coil tapped.


the biggest thing i learned was the switch was not needed. With 3 independent volume controls I could have just blended in volume from each as i needed, like with a bass guitar setup. I think it would have kept the lp jr look more true. I plan to do another this way sometime in the future.

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STRUMBONE - For a "one and only electric"' date=' you could do worse! I'm liking the black/silver reflectors and covered pups, good choices. Where'd you get the "E" logo pickguard?[/quote']


Heh heh, the pickguard is the only thing I didn't change! Grover tuners, tusq nut, TOM bridge and tailpiece, CTS pots, jack, switch, and SD Antiquities pups. It sounded pretty good while stock IMO, but much better now! [biggrin]

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