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IBJL lacquer question


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Hello Everyone,


I had a tremendous amount of GAS and just got an EPI IBJL Casino (Natural).


THat guitar is so nice and clean.


My general questions is with regards to the lacquer.


The lacquer on this particular casino is so fine, I can feel the lines of the wood underneath.


Is that typical?


I picked up the natural casino and that had a helluvva lot more lacquer on it.


Just wondering if this was typical and are there any special care instructions for this guitar?


In addtion how many IBJL casino players put the pickguard back on?


I was thinking about it.



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Probably makes the guitar more susceptible to humidity or lack there of.


The whole inside of your guitar is completely unfinished, so I wouldn't worry about negative effects of humidity because the topcoat is thin. Plywood is pretty stable in any case. You shouldn't have any problems.



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