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Has anyone seen one of these before.....?


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First time I have ever seen a Sheraton acoustic...?


Edit: The blue label says Epiphone Inc. Kalamazoo, Michigan then underneath in small letters Made in Japan sorry for any confusion....and it says a 1970's





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I didn't know Kalamazoo was in Japan!!!


First of all, they stopped making the USA Epiphones in Kalamazoo in 1969. Second, the label says Made in Japan. The confusion comes from the blue labels that says Epiphone Inc Kalamazoo Michigan. It's an FT-570BL:




I think these were introduced around 1974. It's funny, I was just responding to something on the bass forum and I was mentioning that these 1970s models used names of the USA models that were nothing like them. This is the extreme example!!!


BTW, congrats on your EbG Sherry. Nice!!! How about a Bigsby instead of a freaky-sator???

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Jerrymac wrote:

BTW, congrats on your EbG Sherry. Nice!!! How about a Bigsby instead of a freaky-sator???


It has got to be a good set of minis and a freaky-sator.........:- Got my heart set on it.




rpach10115 wrote:

It look's like the seller removed all references to Kalamazoo on his ad. And, yes, the last picture clearly says "Made in Japan".


Sorry for any confusion I could not make out the small Made in Japan first time I looked. I enlarged the image in photoshop could see it then....sorry for any confusion.

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Brianh wrote:

Easy Joe, 4, uh...I mean 5 guitars are all you need - remember?


My 3rd epi (I have 2 sherri's and a JP) may be my last Epi, I am very happy and content at the moment........I have always wanted a Firebird (but the decision for Lollar Firebirds in one of my Sherri's may have swung me toward an acoustic)......I am leaning toward my fifth and final guitar being another acoustic, a second Levin.


I am on the lookout for a 1950's Levin Texas model 27 (the perfect partner for my 1959 Levin 335 archtop) I love the tone and perfect for delta blues and slide.


video 1955 Levin Texas





I love my three epi's will make them all they can be, My 5th guitar (don't have room for more than five) will be a Levin Texas model 27.

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