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Bad string buzz ( sorry if this has been covered)

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Hey again,


Well in my first post i described the faulty wiring in my first les paul which i just returned and got an exchange for the same one. However i believe my first mistake was even going to guitar center however thats all we got near me. So anyways the guy was very rude and actually gave me a plus top in exchange for my plain except being the kind person i am i kindly alerted him to it in exchange for the correct les paul. Anyways he wouldn't even let me try this one out to make sure it worked after trying to sell me warranty bs for an hour. So i get it home and tune it up and of course it sounds great but it plays like absolute $h!t. I mean upon strumming it not only are the strings all grimy even though this was brand new right outta the box but the buzz was horrible along with the action.


Heres what buzzes:

The low e horribly i mean open chords are disgusting and even after raising the action no luck.

Ive also changed the strings and still no luck.

Some of the other strings buzz too and i can't even seem to find a good comfortable action it just feels weird to me for some reason unlike the first one with the electrical problems that played amazingly this one just feels less smooth and more awkward but maybe its all in my head.


What should i do? :

Ive tried lubing the nut as well and im not really about to mess with the truss rod just yet.

NOTE: The low e buzzes on multiple frets as well.


Should i try getting it profesionnaly set up or just take it back and get my money back and go somewhere else or just go for ANOTHER exchange?


Thanks again guys it means a lot as this is really ticking me off

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I'm having trouble believing that the guy wouldn't let you play the guitar.

If it was me, I'd take it back. One of the biggest reasons to shop in a guitar shop,

is that you can put your hands on the guitar.

If a guitar does not feel good in my hands, I won't buy it.

And if a shop can't give you better service than that, it might be worth the drive to somewhere else.


If you really want to keep this particular guitar, then take it to a good tech.

Most new guitars need a good setup to play well anyway. Don't let something

that can be fixed, make you sour on your guitar.

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before you do anything else............get on GC's website, find the "contact us" link, and fire off an e-mail to customer service including your name, which store, date and time of sale(s) and an EXACT description of what happened, how you were treated, and what you're stuck with now.


they'll mail you back, tomorrow at the latest, or probably CALL you if you include your phone # .(They called me @ 7:am the next morning)

they'll want you to repeat what happened, then offer to "make it right".



I had to do this about an amp-head I wanted to buy from GC...........& because of the sales staffs rudeness, I ended up getting it shipped to my door, for 33% off (brand new).


let us know how it goes...........


EDIT: I forgot to mention that you should have your sales recipt(s) very handy when they call, they'll need the sales # off it.

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Mate, I agree with "Bender 4 Life" - retailer and warranty is the answer. Occasionaly you get a "monday" guitar. The buzzing everywhere sounds like uneven frets. Look down the guitar neck from the headstock and you might see several fretwires that stand "proud" of the fretboard - i.e. you could slide a thin piece of paper under them.


Fret dressing and setup would probably set it right but if it is a new guitar, the warranty should bear the responsibility for possible poor construction/finishing.


Just because we don't pay $Thousands for our guitars doesn't mean you have to accept a poorly constructed guitar!


Good luck, you'll sort it out.

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Guest icantbuyafender

Id exchange it until they get you one without the buzz. I had a GC employee actually secondguess my taste in guitar strings when i was helping a younger cousin of mine pick out his first electric. The guy actually called any of the choices i selected as crap.


Ernie, Dunlop, Ernie pure Nickel, Ernie Titanium are far from crap, and Ive got the sound to prove it.

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I had a GC employee actually secondguess my taste in guitar strings when i was helping a younger cousin of mine pick out his first electric. The guy actually called any of the choices i selected as crap.


"Oh, well when I buy those strings at (insert other store here) they're far from crap, so we'll go get them there, since THESE are crap according to you. Thanks a lot!...(5-7sec. pause) Asshole...("Mumbled under breath", but loud enough where dude can TOTALLY hear it.)"


Problem Sloved. You're Welcome.

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