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Quest to find a Wine Red Riviera...help.

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Hello folks.


As it says on the title that is the quest i'am on.


I've become very fond of Epiphone guitars over the last year and am keen to get some admirable gear.


I've discovered it is rather difficult to get a hold of such beasts as the old 1980s style Riviera, similar to Noel Gallaghers one, the wine red being my colour.


Any peoples got tips on how to go about getting one? Or can somone make my day and tell me they have one there wanting rid off? [biggrin]


Sorry if this isn't an unusual topic. I'm new and havent had much chance to search previous posts.

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Cheers for the help lads.


Any tips for telling whats fake and whats not? I'm guessing a find on eBay is my best possibility being in the UK.


Highlander, they do pop up on ebay from time to time, if you want to make sure it`s an 80`s Matsumoku made Riviera (like Noel`s and Boneheads) look out for fret end binding, where it rises to meet the end of the frets. only these and the Kalamazoo versions have this feature. Secondly look for a rectangular Tan label with Brown splotch pattern on it. And thirdly a 7 digit serial stamped on the back of the H/stock.


This should help.

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