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I have talked to several luthiers about my dream guitar.

The project is pretty simple:

a wilshire/coronet body shape, with whitey crestwood deluxe electronics and finish.


They all gave me advices about the bridge and electronics. "Wraparound tailpiece is an intonation nightmare, 3 pups are useless, what about bubinga instead of mahogany etc..."

To sum it up, none of them wants to make my dream guitar! And we've not even talked about the costs yet!

(damned, 2600€ ~3600$ ~ 2250£, to be not satisfied...)

So I wonder if there is a guitar maker who would do it.

Any suggestions?


To overcome my sudden frustration I've made the "Crestshire" in 3D :)



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The wraparound on my Epi LP Jr. Reissue is near dead-on.


Shocked the crap outta me, but I ain't changin' it now, there's no point.


BTW, nice renderings - how'dja do that?


Nevermind, I see you're a professional graphic artist. Nice stuff.

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Luthiers like to flex their knowledge by telling you to do things differently, this is how they make themselves seem superior, by telling you that your choices are crap and to listen to their wisdom. It doesn't matter what you ask them to do, they will usually try and get you to modify your plans in some way. It's an ego game.


At the end of the day so what if the idea isn't something they like, they still have to do it, that's why you give them money. If I ever get a custom guitar built for me (no money for this but maybe one day) I sure as hell will make that luthier do all sorts of insanity and he'd better suck it up.

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BKitten> This is exactly what upsets me most. Asking for luthier's services means I've had some thoughts about what I want/need. Their answers make me feel like, I go to the doctor for a broken wrist, and go home with medics for digestion problem. Unsatisfying, isn't it?

I'm sure that Luthier's knowledge is way greater than mine, but in matter of tastes, I'm the only one who knows what I want. Damned!


Brianh> did it with Cinema 4D software. :)


layboomo> That's what I'll surely do. But I've already mailed 4 of them... Kinda disappointing.



from Framus website:

"Custom Shop Info


Everything is possible*!

(blah blah)

(* Everything which will make a sense of course!)"

Let's see what makes sense. :)

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