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sheraton lefty player help with scratchplate please


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Just coming to the end of a rebuild on my 2000 MIK Sheraton (started off as a few mods, ended changing everything!!!). I really need a cream or cream pearl pick guard. I know I have to get one made but the prices to do that here in the UK are beyond ridiculous. It's the final piece in the jigsaw. I don't want to do it myself as I know I'll do a bad job and ruin the whole thing (that's confidence for you!). The expence lies in CNC cutting apparently but surely someone with the experince and the right tools could do just as good a job if they had the blank? Can anyone suggest anything (other than leaving it off - the holes left bother me).


thanks all.



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Someone else here had suggested it in a previous post. http://www.terrapinguitars.com/ I was just out there yesterday and printed off the PDF for a Sheraton pickguard to compare with my 1999 MIK Sheraton. It's the exact same size as my pickguard. The only I noticed was that the location of their hole for a screw by the neck was slightly off from where my pickguard hole is located.


Here is the PDF: http://www.terrapinguitars.com/pdf3/EPI_SHERATON.pdf


Take a look at their site. They have all the color combinations for which you are looking. They also ship internationally. Good luck.



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