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Casino Intonation Problem


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Hi there,


Can anybody help me get my head around this problem?

I have just installed a 0.11 guage set of strings on my Casino, so naturally I tuned it up - stretched the strings - tuned it up again etc... and played a bit so the strings are worn in a bit.

Knowing that putting on a heavier guage on a guitar will have different tensions and change the intonation (I'd also adjusted the string height slightly) I set about correcting it so it was properly intonated.


I have managed to intonate all but the G string (its unwound) which is still slightly sharp. The problem being is that I have adjusted the saddle the furthest it will go to get it like this, so I have no more turns left to try correct the tuning.


Doesnt anybody have an suggestions on what I could do to flaten the tuning a bit so it plays a natural G at the 12 fret?


Kind regards,



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