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I am insane for selling it, but I am a gear junkie and have found a digital keyboard on craigslits with wooden keys that plays like an acoustic...and I suck as a fingerstyle player...or any style really. I worked at a music store and kept checking in with epiphone to see if they had one of these or one came back in. One day about 10 months ago, one showed up in their inventory and I immediately got it! I was sure I would never sell it. It is one of the best looking guitars I have seen in this style and sounds amazing...just great tone overall. You can read reviews if you don't know much about it, but my guess is if you are on here then you might have heard about it. I am posting here because I know how hard it was for me to find one for sale, and I never did actually through ebay or craigslist and of course they are discontinued from Epiphone. I posted it on ebay last night and I will go ahead and reveal that my reserve is $600. This isn't a guitar I would say just for someone who wants to learn, though of course it would work for that, but everything about this guitar seems to demand an owner who really loves great tone and probably has been looking for this guitar for sale for awhile. Of course, I will sell it to anyone who meets my price, but I hope it goes to someone who really appreciates it for what it is and can play the heck out of it. Hopefully those who once looked for it will be able to find this or the ebay post, as these guitars don't come up often. All the specs are out there to be found on this guitar, and this one is mint!!!! If I didn't have the DR500mns already with a pickup in it, I would've already put one in this aj500rc to use in my band. As it works out, I guess it is good I never did as it is in the exact condition as I got it in and if the next owner wants a pickup installed then they have their choice. Good times.

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