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56 goldtop


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hello all. i recently finished making my goldtop a little more period correct and thought i would share.

new tuners, knobs, truss cover, and switch tip. i didnt touch the guts because i dont have the knowhow or the dough,

and i really like the way this thing sounds.






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Nice job . Were the tulips a straight swap' date=' no drilling needed? Thinking about doing this with my GT





they are actually klusons and i did have to make new holes but like was said who looks at the back of the guitar.

i did have to use some cork because i didnt get the correct bushings. i was going to but its stable. so i figured it looked better anyway.

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Oooooh!! I LIKE the 2 screw truss rod cover! Could you post a close up picture of that? I wanna see how you mounted that.




sorry i dont have a better camera.

i had to make a new hole for the top screw and i used cork that i painted black for the bottom screw.

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