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1989 sheraton


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Hi. I'm new to this forum and i wanted to ask a question. My sheraton sounds much better than the modern day sheratons I have tried and the head stock says "Epiphone" but where the epiphone "E" is it says GIBSON

So is this a gibson or an epiphone? the wood looks a little different. also. I'm pretty sure it's from 1989

thanks. usually when i say i have an epiphone people snicker, and i have to explain to them it's not cheap.

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Hi Telesheraton


Welcome......It is an Epiphone I have a 1989 Sheraton....does yours look like this






Generally we say on this forum if there are no photos, it don't exist...good idea to post some photos of your guitar, it would help, also the serial should confirm the year, factory, etc.


I agree with you I love the older Sheratons...

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