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Electric Serial Number starting with C?????


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By the fact that you're HERE/EPI forum, I'm assuming it's

an EPI? Pictures would sure help and/or a description of

the git - LP, Hollowbody, Electric, Acoustic? BUT, the

guitar dater project sez (based on Serial # only):


Your guitar was made at a factory not yet added to the database

September 1994

Production Number: 0403

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Thank you animal. Uploaded images to maybe clarify the model.


Your guitar "screams" Les Paul 100 (LP-100) model at me,

the plate on the back is the Real Deal, but the factory "C"

designation is escaping me... cannot find Factory.

Anyone else?

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Here's a real twist - I went with the assumption that the"C"

at the beginning was actually a "0" that had been worn down

a bit:


Your guitar was made in


September c.2004

Production Number: 0403


Gee, only a TEN YEAR difference in production date depending

on "C" or "0".....


Hmmmmm....... Did you buy the Guitar to MATCH the CAT????

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Going to say probably NOT on the "collector edition"

assumption. BUT for $100 it's a GREAT find, especially

if all electronics work. Hardshell case came with/without?


"C" is most likely a Factory code that isn't showing up

on all the usual info sites. You CAN go to Epiphone.com

and email them with this question.

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