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Identify Gibson pickups?


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I think I got lucky. Picked up a 1997 Epi LP goldtop on e-bay UK for £205. It's a bit battered, but it came with :


Gibson humbuckers

Gibson deluxe tuners

Schaller bridge

Upgraded pots, caps

Graphite nut

Gator hard case in perfect condition.


Can anyone help identify the pickups, I haven't seen them before. Bridge is quite hot, so possibly ceramic :






They're engraved Gibson USA on base. I can't ID them, but they sound good...hope they're not off a Baldwin.

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Thanks Rich. I've never seen a Gibson pup with flat poles before, but then I've never seen an Iommi without its' cover. Looks like someone spent some money on this axe at some time in it's past. Going by all the dings and scratches on the back and body edges, it's been heavily gigged.

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I reckon they are 496/500s then' date=' they're only 2 conductor. I'm definitely happy with them. I've got another keeper...means I'll have to sell another one.




Yep, they are 496/500s, they pop up quite cheaply on ebay as a lot of people dont like them in their LP Classics. I removed them from my Classic and slapped them in an SG where they were more at home.

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Can anyone help identify the pickups' date=' I haven't seen them before. Bridge is quite hot, so possibly ceramic :[/i']


Can you measure each with a multimeter and post the readings? It might help rule out a couple of options. Certainly should indicate if one or both are ceramic. Ceramics usually have pretty high resistance readings well over 12 k ohms.


If you have reassembled the guitar, just plug in the cord to output jack and the select each pickup individually while running the multimeter across the other end of the cord.

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Hello everyone,


I'm new here, and Im not speaking english very well, so sorry for mistakes. I'd like to ask U about identifing Gibson pickup. I wanna buy a 57 classic plus to my les paul, but guy from the auction, present owner, doesn't have any documets from gibson company to this pickup.

He only said that it's oroginal pickup imported form USA. Can You look at this auction to identyfy it. I'd like to know if it's realy original Gibson 57 classic plus. thank you for your answers :)




This is the link, please, look at the photos.

post-56283-081707200 1366216703_thumb.jpg

post-56283-091592900 1366216710_thumb.jpg

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