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Well this is not complete, I forgot two guitars when I took it, and have added since.



Missing from that are my 61 LP/SG Custom reissue, my Brian Moore, my custom order Elegant (see my avatar), my R9, my R4, my robot LP, my LPC 25, my Taylor T5 and my amps.

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Here's a couple of em...




The "Eddie" was built (and continues to be built) all of last year. Ash body, Maple neck, SD Model 78 pickup, Schaller mini's, Original 80's Floyd Rose. Great playing guitar. Soon to be shipped off to Canada.




The BFG is the newest and my main. Now contains the Model 78 SD as well. (love that pickup) Acoustic is my cheapy Yamaha FD02.


You've all seen a Marshall stack, so I'll spare ya. O:)


...but for those that haven't seen a 1961 Gibson Explorer Amp....




It's a great sounding - very clean - amp.

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I used to have a bunch of guitars including a '79 LP Standard, Gretsch Duo Jet, '76 Explorer Reissue and Fender '50's Classic Tele but sold all of them between starting my own business and going to Lutherie school. Right now I just have a Fender MIM P-Bass and the 2 guitars I've built while in school...



Les Paul style with Mahogany body and Quilted Maple top with Maple neck and Ebony fingerboard with 24 frets.







Dreadnought with Figured Mahogany back and sides and Spruce top.







I'm also in the process of building a Telecaster style 32" short scale bass with an Alder body and Sycamore top. It's the actual Tele shape and not the Fender Tele bass shape that later became the Precision bass so it looks pretty sweet and I can't wait until it's done. I'll definitely post pics when it is and I'm sure I'll have more projects to come in the future as well. For now, I hope you enjoy the pics of the 2 guitars above...

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