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RE: DR vs. EF nut width


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I'm interested in the EF500M Fingerstyle to replace an old Penco A-12DLX which is a Martin D28 copy. I’m looking for a 1.75 nut width which is offered on the EF500M. How do you like your Masterbilt? And did you ever compare the 1.68 to the 1.75 nut?


I actually have both a DR-500M and an EF-500M.


I had the DR500 first and I loved it so much I searched for an EF500 for fingerstyle - not an easy guitar to find in-stock.


For fingerstyle the wider neck on the EF is a BIG help.


At first I did have a little difficulty getting used to the V-neck on the EF but now that I have it's my new favorite Masterbilt.

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i wanted a finger style wide neck-went with a Silver Creek t-160-000 body with 1.75 spacing, solid mohogany back/sides and solid spruce top-it too has the pre war style V neck which is a "change" from all these flat necked strumers-got a great deal on a brand new one with solid case for about $250-it aint an Epi, it wants to be a Martin but being well crafted speaks for its self. warning though i ordered through MF and the 1st one i got was a dud, the bone saddle was chewed up and the g tuner would pop and skip gear-exchanged it and asked them to qc it before the next one left the factory-they over nighted it to me for free and it was playable straight out-da-box! great grain and no flaws-even got a video camera inside to check bracing-everything was cleanly sanded and glued. My Epi H-Bird will always be my 1st love but my SC is right behind it...

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