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Epiphone Dot Question


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Hi leinster10


Welcome...If people mod Gibsons (I have only seen these covers on e-bay advertised for Gibsons) with a bigsby or trapeze tailpiece they would use one of these to cover the stop bar holes just fill the holes with doweling and pin the plate into the doweling.




for example




You will find these on e-bay but they are very expensive for what they are...$245 for a hole cover......??????




I am planning to put a frequensator on my 87 Sherri, and have ordered a new better quality pickguard, and the guy who is making it is also going to make a piece of the same material 4 inches by 3/4 inches.


I will then take it to a trophy shop and get it engraved probably 2 stars and leave the rest blank for a while until I decide what I want there...


You could also try an a furniture maker who might be able to match up two plugs that would be barely noticeable.

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Brian good suggestions......but I am leaning towards two stars and SHERATON in a smaller nicer font chrome lettering if possible to match the hardware.....


ps. you have changed your avatar from avatar to a line of freaky "thalidomide" horned guitars.....

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