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Black Beauty upgrade


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I am going to be upgrading the hardware on my Epiphone Black Beauty, and had a question for the experts out there. I am going from the gold hardware to nickel, and want the new parts to be Gibson. That includes the pearloid machine heads, stopbar, tune-o-matic, pick guard bracket, toggle switch and ring, strap bolts and volume/tone knobs.


I just wanted to make sure that all of these parts are interchangeable, and that I won't have any problem when I take everything in for installation. Are there any unforseen problems I might have, or will everything go in lickity split?


(btw I won't be getting Gibson pickups, but custom Seymour Duncans...)



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Not everything will just drop in for starters. And' date=' you can get better hardware for less money than going with Gibson replacement parts. I upgrade gibson hardware all the time.[/quote']


Could you tell me from the list in my original post, which of those items won't drop in, so I can figure out a good alternative?

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