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Read so many great things about this guitar, I had to get one. It arrived today - shipped to my office. Busy day, but I had to ditch work to check it out

I couldn't believe my eyes or my hands. The finish is much thinner than the usual poly jobs... the neck is a rounded C that feels EXACTLY like the neck on my (recently sold) 1966 Gibson ES-330. The body resonates like a vintage guitar.

Thank God one of my partners has worse GAS than me - he had a brand new Dr. Z Carman Ghia with a 2 x10 cabinet in the office. I plugged in the Casino and my day was complete. The sound is nothing short of AWESOME. Absent the 44-year old wood, it sounds just like my old 330. I can't believe what a great value this guitar is for the money.

This is my new favorite guitar. A great stable-mate for my '96 Riviera with minihumbuckers

If anyone is looking into this guitar, check them out at Sweetwater.com

I dealth with a guy named Paul Allen there - got a great price, free shipping, and no state sales tax here in MA.

Call or email Paul and tell him Doug sent you - he'll hook you up.

A friend of mine is getting the natural finish model tomorrow - also from Sweetwater and Paul. He pointed out that I can feel better about selling the 330 now; having the IBJL make sit seem like I just had the 330 refinished and got paid $1,000+ in the bargain.

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Have to add: I asked several people if the neck was solid mahogany or joined pieces like the MIC/MIK Casinos and no one knew.

Looking at mine, it seems to be one piece. If there is a joint, it's hidden under the dark finish near the heal.

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They Are 3-piece necks..(heel, shaft, headstock). BUt, they're very nicely done,

and if anything, probably stronger, for it? I doubt you'd notice it, on the '65 sunburst

version...but, you can see it, on the natural "Revolution" version. Great guitars,

though, judging by those I've played recently.


Congratulations, on your new "baby!" ;>)



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Thanks for the neck clarification, guys. The way this thing resonates, I thoght it might have been one piece - but the joints must just be cleverly hidden.

I have to tell you, it was posts on this forum that really moved me to buy this guitar. I've had 2 MIK Casinos and 1 MIC Casino and really like them. But this baby blows them away. Since I picked it up, I can't stop smiling.

I had owned my Riviera before and sold it to a luthier friend. Bought it back from him last November - love the sound of those minis and the feel of that neck. But the IBJL feels even better. Now I have two guitars that I feel great about. Happy camper here!

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