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Just adopted a MINT J-45 "NA???" ELitist MIJ and have questions


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First and foremost, I'd like to thank you for having this forum as a resource that one can reference when he/she needs accurate info. I'm new and this my 1st post so here it goes...


I just picked up a Gibson (stamped vertically on the trussrod cover) Epiphone J-45 Elitist that's in pristine condition and is an A/E with the pup under the saddle.


My question is this; why is there and "NA" printed on the soundhole label just to the right of the "j-45"? What is this indicative of? The serial is also unique in that it begins w/a T; T201100 is the serial number. I know that it's probably a Japan build but the "NA" has got me stumped and I've searched the web googling the model #in every variation I could think of but to no avail.


Any assistance or direction would be a big help. Again, I'd like to thank yall for having me!




Jon "YardDogg" Yarbrough


Here's my newest gal:

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