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Customising my Dot


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well i think you put this in the wrong section, should be in the electric area but.........what i think you are getting at is not your bridge but your tail piece, I think that the bridge is usually the same tune o matic type, but i think you are looking for a trapeze tailpiece of may a frequensator tail piece, im not shure tho





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Yes, you can add a trapeze tail piece, you will have a couple of holes where the current tail piece is though. I would suggest geting to know your Dot for a couple of years, you will probably find you will spend your money modding other aspects of the guitar. Tuners pots and caps will make a real difference!

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Hi Louiedot


I would tend to go with AS90. I have two Sherris and I would love to put a frequensator on my Samick '87 model. However, the more I research the more I am going off the idea.


Aesthetically they look beautiful, but then I would have the headache of what to do with the holes and even though I have a couple of good ideas, it will still always stand out as a modified guitar, with a fix to cover two big holes where the stop bar was.....


Apart from that in the case of the frequensator there are restrictions on what strings you can use. Also the question of what effect will the new tailpiece have on the sustain, etc, my research on the net, tends to point to the fact I would be better off sticking with a stop bar.


So re: a frequensator tailpiece for my 87 Sheri I have decided to sit on my hands on that one.


I have assemblies and pickups on order for my two Sherri's. Once those "internal" mods have been done and both have had a good set up, then it is just to really enjoy them and get down to playing, practicing and growing into the guitars.


Just like you, I was GASsing for a different tailpiece, may do it one day, but I have two well made guitars, where they can be definitely improved is the electrics and pickups. I will resist the temptation for that frequensator until I am totally sure.....


Your Cherry Dot looks beautiful just as it is....sit on your hands for a bit

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