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Question on changing the pickups...


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Hello. I've played guitar for more years than I can count, but have never once taken it upon myself to change the pickups. I've recently purchased an Epi standard and intend to modify it primarily for blues use, and am curious if the Duncan P-90 buckers (P-Rails) would be a good fit, but I am mostly concerned about the process of changing pickups. Outside of some soldering, I should be able to swap these or any other Seymour Duncan humbuckers right in, yes? The wiring should match up and they should physically fit? I appreciate any help I can get! Sorry for such an amateur inquiry.

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Not at all an amatuer question, half of the members here, seems that's all they do, is modify their gits.



Me included, guilty your honor.



Many will answer your question.


Welcome aboard, and of course, we'll need pics once the pups are switched.

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