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Hello From New Member! Showing Off My New Epi Mandolin!


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Hello all!


Well I thought I'd sign up here and say hi! I recently got a new addition to my stringed instrument family, a cute little Epi MM-50 Mandolin. This is actually my third my third Epi as I also have a Custom Shop Limited Edition Dot (electric) and an EJ-200/VS (acoustic).


I'm very pleased with the little mandolin; really my dad likes their sound, but since he doesn't play, he usually plants bugs in my ears and I cave too easily... which is a good thing cause I love music.


Most people show pictures of their new toys, but I decided to make a video about it (well how to tune one) since I do quite a few vids on a regular basis anyway (usually on photography though). So if you want to see her, here's the link for ya:


I'm really looking forward to learning this instrument and I'm happy to say that Amazon managed to ship a book I ordered on the topic; Mel Bay's Complete Mandolin Method. Looks like a decent book / DVD. At least I can spend the weekend practicing.


Anyway, when I learn to play some tunes on her I'll come right back here and post some vids of that. Nice to meet you all!




P.S. Anyone mind sharing any tips for a beginner Mandoliner?

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