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New amps. almost done..


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Some new builds.. two working. one giving me no end of hassle!


first marshallized green board

added rear fuse, standby, tone, gain, all get new OTs.








pc running slow so I'm gonna add the other two amps later.

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I'm going to try.. to make a single decal sheet to cover the front panel completely..

and use one template to which I can add or subtract features.. and print any labels in any color for any faceplate color.






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First, I think you did a great job on layout of the controls. Effective use of limited space. The font you chose for your labels looks good too. Nice and bold without being overbearing.


On the last 3 pix it appears that you are using MOT (Mother Of Toiletseat) for the faceplate. Personally I think that looks WAY Cool! And it's a great way to distinguish the "Modified by Twang" name brand. :) For different mod types you could use different colors of MOT


I'm not too keen on labeling for the switch for the C3. Perhaps calling it a Bright switch!?!


All in all very cool!


Now we need some sound clips!

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first. my camera seems to be moving backward in time.

I got it in 2007.. and now it reads 2004.

I am convinced I'm in an episode of Twilight Zone.. but I'm too smart to try to change that camera and wind up

in the zone.



I've never been happy with the nfb label ideas I've come up with..

I think 1 2 3 *L* would work better almost.



I do think the fonts are ok.. the larger TWANG looks better..


I'm going to try.. and I really really expect failure.. to print out an entire decal sheet with everything on it.. and just apply it to the whole face.


and yes. I think I'll make faceplates for them.. in fact I may insist!


supposed to do clips today.. and just fnished an unholy amoung of snow shoveling.. maybe today.. maybe tomorrow!

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Your Junior looks great - I like the triangle layout of the knobs. I bought a Junior yesterday (head) after reading up on them - too good a value to pass up ($85 used, no mods). Right now, to get a decent sound without the volume, I've got a Scholz Power Soak between the head and the speaker cab - works well (use it with my Plexi, it just gets so hot you can cook eggs...). I've also got an MXR eq and Phase 90pedal in the chain - gives a great sound. I'm concerned about no standby switch on the amp - being a newbie to this thing, I seached the 'net for mods, and did not find a standby switch mod anywhere. Can you help me on this one? Schematic for the mod, maybe? I'm a novice with electronics, but have done a few mods in my time with proper schematics...


I don't want to put new tubes in without the switch - no sense in frying them before their time...



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stupid thing.




thanks GAB.. I like the triangle bit, too.


the sticky thread. first post at this forum. has the standby stuff in it..you might have to scroll through some stuff..

basically it's just put a switch in line with one wire.. really easy except for drilling a hole in the chassis.

(and make sure you dont put the switch too close to where the bolts that hold the chassis in the head come through.)





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