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WOndering to buy an Epiphone LP Custom.. Good?


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Hi y'all..


How r u?


Intro, I've been playing guitar for approx 7 - 8 years.. including all the amateur playing with acoustic + playing on a stage in my church..


I have an Ibanez RG series. But, I'm interested with Les Paul figure.. It's shape.. for the sound, i can't really tell the differences..


I'm wondering about Epiphone Les Paul Custom. Is it good? For me.. after u read the short intro i types)


I asked 1 time to local guitar store, and one of the guy there said that Epi is a mass production, thus it is no comparison with Gibson.. This is 1 of my considerations about purchasing or considering to buy an EPi Les Paul Custom..


should i "Jump" higher and buy Gibson? Or gradually by moving on with Epiphone Les Paul Custome first.. Then see where will it goes..


Sound-wise, is it great? Or any other functions?


Thanks for helping me out..


Cheers :-&

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You say you can't tell the difference in tone between an Ibanez RG and a Les Paul, so you most likely won't notice a tonal difference between an Epi LP and a Gibson LP. Epiphone Les Paul Customs are generally high-quality instruments, my Prophecy LP is easily the match of any Gibson I've played in terms of build quality.


I think many here will agree when I say most of the price of a Gibson is in the brand name.

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Gibsons are just as "mass produced" as Epiphones..........they're turned out from an assembly line, NOT "hand made".

It sounds to me like the salesman was just trying to get a higher sales commission for selling a more expensive guitar.


Are they different? YES. Gibsons are built from higer quality/priced materials.

Do they REALLY sound that much different? If played thru a good amp, NO !!


Look up "Epi LP vs Gibson LP" on Youtube........

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As the others here have said, the Epi LP is a great axe! I would suggest going to your guitar store and trying an Epi and a Gibson out on the same amp and see what you think, cause it's all about how it sounds and feels to you. I think the Gibsons are a little higher quality with a HUGE difference in price! For the money you can't beat an Epiphone. My G-400 SG style guitar is VERY comparable to the older Gibson SG's I have owned in the past, the quality of the craftsmanship is very good! I have several Epi's and I love them all! So go play some guitars and see what you think! Maybe take one of the guys you jam with so they can give a listen also!

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Thanks for all your comments..


Is there any way for me to be more sensitive about the difference for example between my Ibanez RG and LP?

I have EPi LP Junior by the way, since it is kind of really basic guitar, i dont know is are there any differences in sound.


Yes, Price-wise, Gibson is way too expensive..Thus I think i will choose EPiphone.

About which Epi, do y'all have suggestions?


I'm considering a custom, once again, because i like the headstock and the frets are nice.

Are there any difference between for example Custom, Studio & Standard?


Thanks a lot

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