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grover locking tuners on my sheraton and sg


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So as is the case for many epi owners, I did a mini custom job on my sheraton and sg.

I switched the tailpiece and the bridges around - nickel into my sherry, gold onto my sg.


Mainly because I installed 2 nickel chrome pups in my sherry so it'd match.


Then I put locking tuners on both, grover ones. Black ones and chrome ones if you're interested….!


Now the tuning on my SG is shocking, its all over the place. Plus my sherry isnt brilliant, the G string in particular is terrible.


The locking tuners don’t seem to be doing a thing, although changing strings is easy.

I thought I may have strung them up wrong, but a guitar tech installed the strings on my sherry, and I did research before doing the ones on my sg. Im sure they're on properly.


Is this a bridge/tailpiece issue, should I switch back? (I don’t want to, I like the nickel look)

There has to be a better reason for out of tune strings rather than, 'they need stretching when you put them on'


Any help from your amazing guitar knowledge would be very helpful!

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Just an IMO, but most tuning issues are caused by a badly cut plastic nut. If that's the case here, locking tuners won't make much of a susceptible improvement. Have your luthier cut you a nice bone one.


I seriously think this is the first mod any "made in Asia Epiphone"-owner should consider.

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Well when it comes to troubleshooting ANYTHING always look at the last thing that was changed! Just to be sure, you might want to try swapping the parts back and see what happens. If they stay in tune then it would probably be something with how the parts mount, maybe something loose or doesn't fit quite right.

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yeah im in the middle of buying new bridge and tail piece in black for my sg, so i'll try that, get new strings and give them a good stretch, lube the nut and if i still have problems, admit defeat and take it to a guitar tech...


- anyone know what bridge and tailpiece slots into my epi sg?

probably not since i dont know the exact model at the min....

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