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about epiphone seal on my sheraton?


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hi, i just bought an epiphone sheraton on ebay. serial number says S9206xxx and it also says made in korea, both on the back of the headstock but there's no paper inside the body of the guitar... that one where it says the model, the serial number and the "guaranteed"... now, is it common for sheratons from the 90's to come out without that seal? what happened to mine?

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Hi luizhmax


AS90 is spot on do a search on labels, stickers, you find lots of info on this. I have two Sherri's from the 80's apparently they did not even bother with internal labels sometimes....the S means it is probably a Samick post some photos it is a tradition and I am just telling you, many of the guys on here say, "if there are no photos, it does not exist"....show us your axe.....[biggrin]

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Posting photos


At the top of the box when you post you see bold.gif for bold italic.gif for italics and so on, you see a little picture of a mountain image.gifclick on that and it gives you






if you have a photobucket account upload your photos and cut and paste the link in between the img tags...






you can embed youtube in the same way using the [bB/] button





and cut and paste the youtube link in between the youtube tags...






hope this helps

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MykWiz wrote:

Hey Joe,


You've been getting a lot of mileage out of that post lately, haven't you? #-o


I am surprised at how many new members and older members have struggled posting photos and such. I come from a video editing and digital design background so these things are commonplace on programs I am used to and so these things come as second nature to me.


I know there are many people doing this for the first time, just trying to help as much as poss, anyway


"Knowledge Shared Is Knowledge Gained"


and with all that gained knowledge we will see lots more interesting geets.....[biggrin]

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Oh no, I completely understand. I just thought it was funny - hence the biggrin emoticon - in how many recent threads that Joe had been able to apply the same information. People helping people - that's what this Internet-thingy should be all about. And I agree ... any opportunity to see more guitars is a good thing in my book!



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Hi Luiz


I looked at the source code for this page and your link was wrong, I could see what had gone amiss so I cleaned it up, try getting your link to look like this:


not like this (this is what you posted)


if you use this


it will give you this




nice Sheraton...#-o

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