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An Epi with P-94's?


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I'm just waiting on some Kent Armstrong P90's to arrive for my VS Sheraton. Humbucker shaped but cream plastic so look more of a nod to soapbars. It's my next mod project now my blonde is completed. After seeing this guy I can hardly wait now! He's a left hooker too, nice.

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Welcome to the forum ;)



Thanks AS90! Nice to be here.


On a side note I'm just brutal at making a decision when it comes to switching hardware, but I'm starting to lean towards A P94 on the neck and a 57' Classic HB on the bridge. Anyone ever tried this combo before?


Also I was curious when swapping pickups out can you just cut and solder the connection within the pickup cavity or do I need to remove the entire harness and make the connection at the pot(s)? I am planning on upgrading my guitar BUT I was thinking about just changing the pickups first and seeing what kind of results I get. I have not customized an electric before and electronics are not my strong suit, I do however have a father in law who's a electrician so after I fly down to Arizona later this month and talk to him I I think I might actually risk doing some of the work myself, but just thought I'd check around here and see if anyone has any advice that could save me a lot of pain and $$$.

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