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Gretsch electromatic solid bodies, any body like em?

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hey guys I am in the market for a new guit, I am looking at only 2 epis, a sheri or a the new wilshire with the minis, but I really do like the looks of the gretsch electromatic pro jet, and the double jets, they come with bigsbys so thats an added plus,

any one here ever had one..played one? whats your experince on the new gretsch electromatics I know that the big hollow bodies seem to be pretty popular so tell me what ya know fellas thanks! oh yea and WHOOO DATTT BABYYYY!!!!!!!






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Hey, Max!


I've owned a Gretsch 5120 in "cowboy orange" for a while now and I really like it. The build on these guitars is superb (Korean manufactured) and you certainly can't deny the cool vibe that a big old Gretsch hollowbody electric has. It can be a feedback monster if you don't position yourself properly in relationship to your amp ... but that comes with it being fully hollowbody and deep to boot! A lot of owners complain about the "Gretsch-buckers" not sounding "Gretschy" enough and opt to replace then with TV Jones pups or something along those lines (Filter'Tron's or DynaSonic's). I've never had that issue, myself ... a bit of amp tweakage and it sounds just fine to me.


As for the solidbody Electromatics, I've liked every one I've ever played just fine. My only quibble with them is strictly cosmetic: their lack of pickup surrounds. The pups on these things just look like they're sitting in a hole ... sort of unfinished. The other issue is that these guitars deffinately sound more Gibson than Gretsch to my ears. A pup change to one of the above mentioned would probably change that. Really, the only two Gretsch solidbodies I've ever rally gassed for are the Corvette (Mega’Tron equipped and pretty affordable) and the Billy-Bo (can't touch 'em).


Hope this helps ... have fun deciding!



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no i think the corvette has better MEGA TRON pickups yea ive been lookn at those too

I'll let you know what the guy thinks overall but as for as the style music he plays he felt the Corvette suited him best in the store. He plays blues, southern rock, rock & rockabilly.

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The corvettes are pretty nice, but I prefer an SG. I had a 5120 orangy monster that I could just not bond with, especially after I test drove a G6128TTVP power jet. The power jet freakin rawks, can deliver that "gretschy" tone, unfortunetly the price tag also rawks @$2125. But once ina while you can find a nused for around $1800,

IMHO it puts the gibson LPs in that price range to shame ................markerdown

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The Electromatic version of the large body Gretsches was an excellent translation...and an excellent value. Easily modded. 5120 0r 51XX either one.


The Jet Electromatics are a very poor translation of the Pro Line Jet,,

Heavy, clunky, poor electronics and pickups, not easily modded or cheaply modded, and a poor value.. my opinion


On the other hand a Corvette is its own animal and there is no highline version of it. It does not need to have a high line version. It's all there.

Looks good, plays well, sounds great and doesn't need a thing. The real deal. A bargain.. best deal in the Gretsch line up.


I will only list my current instrument inventory this one time

Godin 5th Ave (non electric)

1959 Guild M-20

2000 Gibson WM-45

2 Gretsch Americana in original boxes, never played.

Pro Line Gretsch Jet, filtertrons, Bigsby

Epiphone Elitist Byrdland.. Blonde

Bart Reiter "Regent" open back Banjo

A closet full of small diatonic button accordeons

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I have an Electromatic G5245T, Double Jet. It's from China - No Problem - plays well. I enjoy it. Its strung with D'Addario XL 115W.s. It is partly chambered as is claimed. It stays in tune except when using the bigsby which I rarely do. It's about the weight of a Les Paul. I find it a comfortable fit. Like any guitar, the sound is made by the guy who plays it.

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