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fender superchamp xd help needed please!


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Not an Epi amp but hopefully someone out there can help me as I know these are popular.


I have the Fender SCXD as an 'in the house' amp and am very happy with it. However, it's developed a problem which is intermittent. If I leave it on without playing it for an hour or so or even just turn it on sometimes, no sound comes out at all or, more often than not, and when I switch it off and on again after getting no sound, sit tarts making a loud metronomic clicking sound, still with no guitar sound. Eventally after a few on/off's it goes back to it's lovely normal self and the sound of the guitar faded in as the tubes cut in. This might not happen again for a few weeks then off it goes again.


Has any one got an idea what this might be and to rectify it please? I recently put better tubes in it but it's not that as it was doing it before that mod.


HELP!! Thanks.

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