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Hi guys, im new to this forum, and i was wondering if any of you could tell me a bit about the epiphone T-310, like when did they start building it or just random stuff about it because i cant find the info anywhere, and i think i should learn a bit more about it seeing its one of my fav guitars and one of the guitars i use the most ( but those two things go along right ahhaha).... and also if someone can tell me when mine was built....the series code is S2060351.... i can also post a picture of it later if you want to see it....


thanks in advance for the help

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Your guitar is a Samick (Korea) built guitar. Built in June of '92. The T (Tele) and S (Strat) 300 series guitars were made to compete with Fender in the '90's. I owned an S-310 that I know regret selling. They are great guitars, especially when you consider the price.


Here is a link to an old web page that depicts your guitar:





PS: You will be told to add photos, so to preempt that strike, if i were you, I'd post them haste.


Welcome and enjoy

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Thanks for the help! it was really helpful!....before when they asked me what guitar it was i could just say its an old epiphone or its a t-310....which still left them like [biggrin] haven't heard about it hahaha..... anyways here's the picture of the guitar and sorry for the mess behind it, but when has someone seen a teenager that keeps his room in order....:-k thats what i thought hahaha



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Two white T-310s have popped up on Evilbay recently. I lost one by 2GBP & 2 secs! It went for 112GBPm the other is on Evilbay.com and is currently about 325GBP.


A little bit peeved off that I missed the UK one but there are more guitars out there with my name on them!

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thanks that helps


$180 for a virgin is pretty good even if shes been hanging around for 13 years ..


still has the sticky celafane on the scratch board , insp. tag, and a cheesy sticker on the front of the body that says fitted with gibson strings...


think i might buy it ...


stick it on ebay starting at $350[biggrin] ...unless any offers from you guys???

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The average price for a T-310 on the used market is about $150 USD. $180 USD for new/old stock is decent, but not fantastic. A new/old stock T-310 should top out at about $200. No more, with maybe the exception of a T-310 Custom (ash body).


The guy selling one on Ebay for $325 is living a pipe-dream. For some reason, people think these guitars are rare. They are not. The rare ones are the T-310 & S-310 Custom models. But they still do not command a high resale price.


The T-310 is about the equivalent to a Squier Affinity model...except that the old Epi Teles (minus the customs) had ply bodies - as where Squier uses Alder wood.

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I just picked up what I believe is a T-310. Tele body but with a chrome humbucker in the neck position, some odd contact paper like stuff on the guard which I haven't peeled yet, maple neck, pointy 80s style headstock... the worst feature is that someone stripped the headstock face and put a Gibson logo on it.


Weighs a ton. Seriously.


I was hoping to pick up a Tele clone so I could tart it up rockabilly style with pinstripes and cheesecake, but the big hair headstock kinda flies in the face of the whole idea.


We'll see. I probably don't have $50 into it at this point.

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