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Epiphone PR-720S??


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i bought a PR-720S in April 2001 from Mars Music online.....it was a special edition guitar that Epiphone was producing for Mars Music in California to celebrate new store openings....i went to the Mars Music in NC and they couldnt even get it for me because they could only sell it online or in CA....well 9 years ago i was young and stupid and didnt keep my receipt or any paperwork on this guitar....anybody got any info on this model....it is sunburst finish with pearl inlays and a solid top.....the serial number is G00120542....thanks in advance....

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According to Guitardater.com:


Your guitar was made in


December 2000

Production Number: 0542


I'd guess it sold for around $300. Probably a spruce top and mahogany or rosewood laminate sides and back. But post some pics, it's fairly difficult to elicit much response from the knowledgeable folks on this forum with out them:



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  • 9 years later...

I have the same guitar and have come back to this post a dozen times over the past 9 years. PR-720S purchased from Mars Music in early 2002. Never able to find much other info. Finally today I realized that while over the model number on the label there is a sticker that does indeed say PR-720S,  there is another number on the actual label underneath, and I could see a shadow of a J. I went ahead and peeled it off and it says AJ-18S, plain as day - or at least, somewhat legible as day.

WHY would they do that???

Anyway, if the OP is still around, has the guitar or cares - here are photos for what it's worth.




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