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Hello everyone,


I am looking for a real good case for a Texan acoustic. I got myself one of the Bozeman overruns.


My question is would a Gibson j-45 case fit a Texan?


Or, would a Gibson Advanced Jumbo acoustic have a different case from a j-45?


Not sure if the thinner neck and longer scale would call for a different case. I've never really been in the market for a case.


Thanks. Any input is much appreciated.

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The McCartney Texans came in the ultralight hardcase originally sold with the Masterbilt series dreadnaughts, only with McCartney's signature embroidered on it, instead of the Masterbilt logo. It's a great case, and it's available now seperately.


Here's a link.


Masterbilt Case


These are also available from Sweetwater, I think.


And yes, the J45 (short scale), Advanced Jumbo and Texan (long scale) all fit in the same Gibson case, if you get one of those.


Good for you on getting a Bozeman-made Texan. Where did you get it?


Red 333

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Thanks for the information everyone. Really appreciate it.


The guitar was on ebay from a Hollywood music store back in September and I decided to buy it. I never had the luxury to play an Elitist MIJ McCartney Texan or regular Elitist but always wanted to & had my eye on them for a while.


I am very pleased with the Texan, especially sound wise. I yearned for a Gibson-y sounding acoustic for a while after selling a Hummingbird years ago. This guitar has that nice, warm, chunky rhythm gtr sound. There are some small cracks (3) in the finish only, near the bridge which is what i believe they call "checking" - due to temperature change I imagine. Its ok, I do not have it for collector's purposes.


The coloring of the guitar does look eerily like the Inspired By Texan pictures posted to this forum which at first I found alarming, in case I bought a fake. But, mine does have the none dotted "i" in the Epiphone on the headstock, an adjustable bridge, and a - though faint - MADE IN THE USA stamp on the back of the headstock. Nonetheless, it sounds great which is what I care about.


The only thing I don't love is the tuners but I think I can live with them. Though period correct, I am more comfortable with Grovers and may look into changing them in time.


Anyways, thanks for all the info about cases. I may try to get a Gibson j-45 case for it.

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I really like the Guardian case for my Inspired By Texan. Tweed, very plush, and really well built. Excellent fit just like a fine Italian leather racing glove. I don't see how to post an image on this forum or I'd give you a clip. Here's a website with a photo of the Dread case.


http://www.greatmusicproductsonline.com Search for a CG-035-D


The tweed in real life looks great. In this photo, looks really washed out. Not quite as good as my old school Strat tweed case and amp, but almost as excellent. Very happy with it and it was about $99 too. Stock Epi case is $89.



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I have an E-Dread case I keep my hummingbird in. Very nice looking case that's black with brown accents and handle and gold hardware. Nice and heavy it feels really solid and protective and is super plush inside. I also have the ultralight Masterbuilt case that I am sure is just as protective but I have a feeling it will probably have a problem with the fabric tearing away from the zipper eventually, not to mention sometimes the plush stuff inside can get caught on the zipper around the top and bottom of the case. Nice to have a built in hygrometer too though. Click the thumbnail for the full size picture, if you want more photos I'll be happy to post them just ask!


tn_DSCF1635.jpg tn_DSCF1636.jpg

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