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Epip dove baritone mods

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hello im new to the forum, i was doing a project for my dad (my idea) on his brand new dove he bought.


little history:


my dad bought this guitar on impulse simply shopping for a set of strings for his fender esm small jumbo acoustic.


he never played it again it sat untill i decided if he wasnt going to play it i sure as hell would. we started out just buying heavy strings so i could play this guitar in dadgad, and then i started trying beadfb, and even c to c.


i figured the neck was so heavy it could even take a set of 16. - 70. gauge 250 lb tension Baritone strings, so i bought some this weekend and precided to sand out the plastic nut and install them. it didnt raise the action but only .010 and im floored over the tone im getting. This guitar nearly shakes the wall with the 6thstring.


im custom carving a bone nut and saddle to get the strings more firmly placed and im expecting even louder with the bone mod. im also going to install carbon fiber reinforcments on both sides the trussrod.


i just wanted people to see this puppy after i get all the mods done. it works great stock with the plastic nut sanded. and i only had to sand out one tuner post for the low b string to wind threw. you must cut the sand paper very thin to get it to fit, but its very simple and straight forward.


im sure its not safe to leave this kind of tension on a straight guitar so i never forget to loosen the strings when im not playing. this wont be nessesary after the carbon fiber mod im hoping.


has anyone else tried this guitar in lower tunings? i love it.



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