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Samick SG21F $150 is that good value....?


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Hi Everyone


Chewy stuck a maggot in my brain about finding a cheap SG to host my Seymour Duncan jazz/jb set I will have spare pretty soon. I do not own a solid body guitar!!!!


I found this, looks really nice and in very good condition it is not an Epiphone it is Samick on the headstock. Something tells me Joe Samick must have this SG and it is going for $150 with a small marshall practice amp thrown in.....


Does anyone know anything about these Samick SG's....?




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I have 2 Samick Artist Series SG's (one that's disassembled for refinishing) that are excellent --- definitely superior to Epiphone G-400's in design and build quality. Yours is a different model, though, that I haven't seen before. Mine both have trapezoid inlays and neck binding, and the neck mount and body contours in your picture look different. Is it a set neck or bolt-on?

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I have mailed the guy for more information I am hoping it is a set neck but at that price it would not break my heart, also I am hoping it is a Korean rather than a Indonesian build. I was thinking of selling the amp on right away for about $25 they go for that price and someone will find a use for it. That would mean if the SG feels good, I am getting it for $125 that has got to be an OK deal. I do need a solid body and it has got my name on the headstock.....looks like it is worth a look at.....

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Just got a mail back from the guy it is a bolt neck and made in Korea around 2004-5 hardly been played, and very near perfect nick, straight neck, We can meet up on Saturday and I can try it out, and if it is a sound player I will keep it and if not I will just sell it on, I will have to learn a little Santana I always associate Carlos with and SG.......:-)


Cheap and hopefully not nasty and fun......:-)

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I do know that the Samick Torino was a best pick of Guitar Player magazine a few years ago.

I'm not sure if the photo is of an SG copy from Samick or the Samick Torino.


Either way' date=' great flame, and you should own a true Samick.






Thanks Mark, I had a hunt around the net and I am nearly certain it is a Samick SG21F vs,



looks identical (this is another SG21F I found) , the Torino has a different pickguard and few other different features



I have got until Saturday to think it over and find out more....who knows....maybe, maybe not.....looks nice though....$150 might be better waiting for something better with a set neck....

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