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whadda you amp guru's think of these?


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Got a line on a newer, basically unused epi valve Jr/ with ex. cab for $200.00


All stock, 2 hours on the tube.



Good or bad deal.


Been looking for a nice small tube for awhile, actually prefer the fender 600, but with a cab, this might be really nice.




any advice would be appreciated.


really don't know sh!t about amps.


my knowledge extends to,


step one, turn it on, ok it makes noise

step two, turn it off, ok it is now silent.






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I got my Jr. head used at GC for $99 and the cab with a 60W Hellatone in it for $75 on CL. It's a decent rig, but $200 isn't really a deal. They go for $250 brand new, delivered to your door with warranty and return rights.

Also, it's kind of a one-trick pony - maybe that's why it's up for grabs?


In any case, I see the heads going for $75-85 frequently on CL. I would think you could get a used Jr. stack for around $150. But hey it's only money, if it moves you, go for it.

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I'd advise you to buy it. It'll be hard to beat that price, and the tone's good! Most all modern manufactured tube amps eat tubes these days. I think they're designed to be like that so tube manufacturers won't think we don't need 'em anymore and close shop. But that issue can SO easily be fixed in the VJr. Best of all, it can open up a whole new world of opportunities precisely because they're easy to learn how to mod. The tough part is cracking the case open; although it sounds like you've already got that issue beat. Fair warning though. Modding can be HIGHLY addictive. And once word gets out you can do this stuff, folks will beat a path to your door. :-$



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yeah' date=' was just reading another thread with some input from cgil, and others with much talk regarding high voltage in the house, and blowing of tubes and what not. Purchases of Variac, whatever the hell that is...


sounds kinda iffy, at best. Best I wait.[/quote']

Don't get me wrong smips, not trying to discourage you. That thread about the Variac was just in response to a member who had ancient 2-conductor wiring (no ground) and low voltage / fluctuations in their house electrical system. If you have 3-conductor outlets and a 100 amp or higher breaker panel, you should be fine.


I'm just saying that maybe you could talk the seller down to $175. That's a more realistic used street price. Plus you'll need the extra cash for the new iron and mod kits you'll get addicted to....

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as Gil has mentioned several times (and I've read it on countless amp forums) a Variac is great for Eddie VH... but not the rest of us..

It starves the tubes of needed heater voltage.

Variac's are good for starting up old tube amps that may need to have their cap's formed again.. not good for everyday running.

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A Variac is a variable transformer for e.g. dropping the mains supply voltage. So it will drop the heaters too.


A Rheostat on the other hand is a stonking great variable resistor that could be used to drop the HT which is DC.

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