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Epiphone Dot slipping


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I just got my first hollowbody, the dot model, and I'm having a lot of trouble keeping it in place. If I relax my grip on the neck even slightly it immediately plunges toward the floor and the body winds up in my armpit.


Any hints on how to keep it in place better, or do I just have to get used to giving it extra support with my fretting hand?

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A good strap that has suede or some other non-slip material on the underside, at least through the shoulder area will prevent neck-dive. Some you will find have the little rubber dots (similar to the underside of some slippers. Keep in mind, if you play without a shirt on, the suede will be much more comfortable.


Just a note. Take the guitar with you and try a few out.



PS - Congrats on the DOT!!

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