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rare one off advertisement guitar


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I've been trying to find all the photos of this guitar I played in the early 80's

unfortunately I have several tubs of photos to go thru along with varius other stashes of pics .

I found a few but I know I have some better ones and If I'm really lucky I will find the ad this guitar was created for

it's a one of a kind , and played very well.


the singer (in the headstock photo) owned the guitar , his father worked for gibson and I guess designed the guitar for the ad. I treated the guitar as my own and took care of it for several years. once the band fizzled out It returned to the singers possesion ofcourse. we always called it the silver bullet. is there a place I can search old ad's and possibly find it, I may have lost it after several years and location changes.


sorry for the corney band photos just concentrate on the guitar ...lol





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