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Anyone got a blonde Epiphone Broadway they want to sell or trade?


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Let me know...


I've been wanting to get one and drop some Lollar or Fralin P-90's in it.


I've got my eye on a couple on the internet right now, but wanted to see if any other members here have one they might want to sell outright or possibly trade...


As far as a trade goes, I have a dead mint gold sparkle top Gretsch electromatic pro-jet project which I havent got around to starting yet. It includes a brand new gator gigbag, a still in the box, chrome Bigsby v-cut B3 and a pair of brand new, never installed chrome gretsch HS filtertrons I purchased from Blackrider Guitars.


I also have a mint, vintage sunburst Epiphone Emperor II Joe Pass custom modded with a pair of gold gretsch HS filtertrons (w/ cool cream bezels) and a mint gold Bigsby B6. It would come with a nice tweed gig bag.


Both are beautiful, mint condition axes. I love them both and would probably regret trading one of them, but I'm really gassing for a full 17" blonde hollowbody I can put some P-90's in.


I can provide pics for anyone that might happen to be interested in some kind of trade.


If you have a blonde Broadway and just want to sell it, thats fine to...let's talk.



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I have one with a case that I'd sell, as I got an Elitist Broadway after I got the standard, so I don't need two. PM me if you want to discuss.


That's the Elitist's case, by the way (probably was storing it in that case while the Elitist was out on a stand, as it always is). The one that goes with the standard is new and has the grey lining.




Red 333

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